Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Community Development District (CDD)?
It is a special taxing district established by law. Its main responsibilities include levying assessments to repay the capital investment in Ballantrae community property, and to maintain and operate it in the future. That capital investment includes roads, sidewalks, the storm water collection system as well as amenities such as the clubhouse, park and two pools. For an overview of CDD responsibilities, click here.

How does a CDD differ from a Homeowners Association (HOA)?
CDDs by law are responsible for all community property within the district. HOAs by law are responsible for enforcement of deed restrictions affecting private property. There is no overlap or duplication in their duties or responsibilities.

Does that mean CDDs and HOAs operate separately?
Yes. They are each established and covered by separate state statutes defining their missions and areas of responsibility. They have separate boards, public meetings and budgets, as well as rules of operation. The CDD Board employs a district manager to oversee its affairs, while the HOA has a separate community manager. The CDD employs maintenance staff for the upkeep of community property, while landowners are responsible for the maintenance and care of private property. State law strictly prohibits the co-mingling of CDD funds with those of another entity: money paid in CDD assessments must only be spent on community needs.

Is proof of residency required to use district amenities?
Yes. A swipe card is necessary to access the control gate at the clubhouse, the basketball and tennis courts as well as the CDD pool in Straiton. Residents can obtain a swipe card by visiting the Maintenance Staff at the clubhouse. You must bring proof of residency and be at least 18 years old to pick up swipe cards. Up to 25 non-residents a year can each pay a monthly fee of $150 to become CDD members and use our community facilities.

Does the CDD limit who can access our ungated amenities in the park?
Yes. The Board or its representatives can ask any person not properly invited to leave CDD property. If they refuse, the Pasco Sheriff’s Office can cite them for trespass. That means they can be arrested if they reenter the property.

Can resident minors under the age of 13 be unaccompanied in the park?
No. The CDD does not provide babysitting services and there is no lifeguard at either pool. Therefore, any child under 13 years of age not accompanied by a supervising adult of at least 18 years of age can be asked to leave any CDD property. If they refuse, the Sheriff’s Office can cite them for trespass.

Can 13-to-17-year-old residents bring guests into the park or its amenities?
No. Children 13-17 years old are not allowed guests. If they bring in any guests, both the resident minor and guests can be asked to leave. If they refuse, the Sheriff’s Office can cite them for trespass.

Can adult homeowners bring guests into the park, pools and other amenities?
Yes. Each resident at least 18 years of age can be accompanied by four guests of any age.

Is the park open around-the-clock?
No. Generally speaking, it is open from sunrise to sunset. The CDD Board has passed a resolution allowing the Sheriff’s Office to cite for trespass anyone present in the park or its facilities outside of those posted hours without the Board’s written authorization.

Why are there no lights allowing use of the basketball and tennis courts at night?
Because the Board has opted to close them at sunset. Therefore, there is no need for lights.

Can the clubhouse be reserved?
Yes. Rules for reserving the clubhouse are posted here. Reserving the clubhouse does not include reserving the pool, deck or any other amenities. For evening meetings, the sunset closing of the facility is suspended to give those in attendance a reasonable amount of time to leave the grounds.

Who pays for the Sheriff’s deputies often seen in and around the park?
Off-duty deputies are hired by the CDD. Landowners say their presence helps keep order in the park complex and assists in the removal of non-residents. Deputies are also responsible for monitoring the CDD pool in Straiton plus the gazebo in Ayrshire. They also perform some traffic control duties along Ballantrae and Mentmore boulevards which borders CDD property. Because they are paid using CDD funds, the Board cannot assign deputies to provide services on any private property.

Who is responsible for the streets and sidewalks in Ballantrae?
The CDD built them and turned them over to the county for maintenance. The county right-of-way also generally includes the land from the centerline of the street to the nearest edge of the sidewalk. In Straiton, however, the streets and sidewalks are owned by its HOA, and are therefore its maintenance responsibility.

Can I post signs without permission along Ballantrae and/or Mentmore boulevards?
No. The county right-of-way extends roughly 30 feet from the centerline of each road. It does not allow the posting of any signs within the right-of-way. Any sign posted outside of the right-of-way on CDD property along those two thoroughfares still requires a permit issued by the county.

If I spot an alligator on CDD property, who do I call to get it removed?
You can report the presence of the gator to the Maintenance Staff at (813) 345-8565. The landowner needs to provide permission for the trapper to enter onto any private property necessary to access the site. Alligators must be a nuisance or at least four feet in length to be removed by a state-licensed trapper. The CDD is not responsible for alligators on private property. In that case, landowners can call the state’s Alligator Hotline at (866)392-4286 to report the gator and give direct permission for a trapper to access their property and harvest it.

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